What is Live betting in hockey Over 3 and Under 3?

Just as there is a total for the combined score of every NHL game upon which you can bet the over or the under, if you go to a sportsbook such as 888 Sport, you will see a number of other total wagers on offer throughout the play of the game.

Call up a game – say the Buffalo Sabres are tangling with the Toronto Maple Leafs – and you can make over/under wagers on a variety of markets. You can bet on home team goals, away team goals, and goals per period by home, away or combined for the two teams involved in the game.

You will also discover a lengthy list of total goals wagers available beyond the established total for the game, in essence enabling you to forecast in your own mind how many goals will be scored during the game.

In this instance, 888 Sport is offering a lengthy list of combined total goal outcomes, starting at three goals. If you bet under three, you will get odds of +1500. Play over three and the odds swing wildly the other way -3335. That’s a significant difference in payday. Play the under and a $100 bet would earn you $1500 profit. Go with the over and you would need to bet $3335 in order to win $100.

As you move up the ladder to more goals in the game, the odds develop a much better balance when it comes to potential payouts. At four goals, you’d get -1000 odds on the over and +700 on the under. But add another half goal to 4.5 and suddenly, the over pays out at odds of -420 and the under provides odds of +310.

The balance of the scales tips the other way when you get 6.5 goals on the total ladder. Now the over pays at odds of +102, while the under wager carries odds of -125. By the time you get to the highest possible total outcome offered of 9.5 goals, you’ll get +600 for playing the over and -910 if you go with the under.


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