What is a bonus wagering requirement at an online casino?

A wagering requirement is an amount that must be gambled by the player in order to claim bonus funds.
Most online casinos offer new players a welcome bonus. A welcome bonus is a special promotion reserved for players making the first deposit. Some casinos offer a bonus where no deposit is required. Free spins on popular slots may also be offered.

Most bonuses will include a strict wagering requirement. This can be worth many times the size of the actual deposit or win amount.
Here’s an example: You open an online casino account and deposit $50. The casino will match your deposit 100% as long as you meet the wagering requirements.

You will now have a strict time frame in which to bet the $50 on eligible games and slots. Some games will have different eligibility amounts.

For example, 100% of your slots play may be eligible, but video poker may only contribute 10% towards the bonus.
Before you start playing, you must apply the wagering requirement to your deposit. If a casino lists the wagering requirement as 30x deposit, you must bet $50 x $30, or $1,500, in order to claim $50 in free cash.

Some bonuses require a higher wagering requirement that involves your deposit PLUS the bonus. In our example above, the player would have to bet 40 x ($50 + $50), or $4,000 in total.

Casino free money offers work a little differently. These bonuses involve small amounts of cash that are given to the player free when they sign up. The amount can be as low as $5 or $10. In order for the free cash to be released, a small wagering requirement of 2x to 5x is usually enforced.

Free spins on slots will carry a wagering requirement too. On signing up to a casino, you may receive a set number of free spins on a popular game. Any winnings you make on the free games are stored. They will be released into your account if you meet a wagering requirement on your wins. This can range anywhere from 20-40x the size of your slots winnings.


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