What to look for when betting the MLB over/under?

There are many factors to look for when betting the total, keeping in mind, the oddsmakers will be looking at the same thing. The totals will be set accordingly. The first is, the starting pitchers. How many runs per game do they allow on average (ERA) and how many innings do they generally last. Next, the bullpens. The better the pitching staffs, the more likely the run totals will be lower. Of course, this is just a formula, not a promise. How good are the teams offensively?

Track the number of runs the teams are scoring. Where is the game being played? Is it in a hitter-friendly park, such as Coors Field in Colorado or a run suppressed stadium, like Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay. Another factor is the weather. A colder day might keep balls from flying. Science suggests, baseballs will travel further on humid days. Wind is another factor. Is the wind blowing in or out? This is a big factor at Wrigley Field in Chicago and San Francisco’s Oracle Park. There are several websites to help you with the forecast. I like Accuweather. Here is the link: accuweather.com/en/us/baseball-weather


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