What happens with the betting odds in soccer if extra time added?

Soccer is unlike any other game in America if the match goes to extra time.

In college football, the National Football league, NBA, or Major League Baseball, you can win or lose you bet in overtime (or extra innings). But in soccer, if you bet on the underdog to cover the line, or draw, and the match goes t extra time, you win your bet.

A prime example would be the 2014 UEFA Champions League final, pitting Real Madrid against Atletico Madrid. The match ended regulation tied at 1-1, before Real Madrid scored three times in the added extra time to left the European Cup 4-1. If you bet on Atletico Madrid +1 handicap or on the 1×2 draw, you would have won your bet.

There are also bets in knockout competition on which team will advance. That is the team that wins the tie, or lifts the cup.


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