When is the best time of an NBA game to place a live in-game wager?

The best way to gauge the best time to place an NBA live in-game wager is to watch the game and try to determine the game-flow, including the rotating in-and-out of the game by players on both teams, especially when teams have their bench players on the court. In many live games, American legal sportsbooks will use an algorithm to set a live line for live in-game wagering, which doesn’t take into account, foul trouble, injuries, or matchup difficulties.

What is Live betting in hockey Over 3 and Under 3?

Just as there is a total for the combined score of every NHL game upon which you can bet the over or the under, if you go to a sportsbook such as 888 Sport, you will see a number of other total wagers on offer throughout the play of the game. Call up a game – say the Buffalo Sabres are tangling with the Toronto Maple Leafs – and you can make over/under wagers on a variety of markets.