Spin the wheel with WynnBET to give yourself chances to win even more cash

When you are placing a parlay, most bettors would love to know that there are no consequences if it loses. If it wins, yeah, you are rolling in the dough. But losses are tough to take, especially if you lose one-leg of a five-team parlay. Trust me, those hurt. But what if you could protect your money, and take a chance on luck while doing it? WynnBET has just the thing for you.

The Spin Wheel by WynnBet

What is the Spin Wheel?

Well, if you place a parlay wager at WynnBet app in NJ, CO, IN, MI, and you have a certain amount of chips (which you can collect from your first deposit and/or from each losing wager you make), you can push the “spin the wheel” button on the bet receipt. There, it will display how many chips it will cost to spin and what awards are available. If you opt to do it, your reward will be automatically added to your wager. 

So what can you use the Spin Wheel to get on the site?

Odds Boost

This is where you can really boost your profits for a bet. The wheel gives you a chance to win from a five to a 50 percent boost on your parlay. If you are placing a three-plus leg parlay, that can increase the winnings dramatically.

Full Insurance/Event Insurance

Losses happen, even though you would be reticent to find a sports bettor that will admit it to you. But with full insurance or event insurance with WynnBET online sportsbook, you can rest easy. Full insurance covers the entire parlay, basically making it risk-free. Event insurance covers a certain amount of legs (one-three on the wheel), so if you bet a five-team parlay, and you have three-leg insurance, you will get your bet refunded (as a free bet) if you lose three legs.

So head over to WynnBET (NJ/CO/IL/IN/IA/MI) betting app now to deposit money and start stacking your chips for your first Spin Wheel chance.

Spin the wheel with WynnBET to give yourself chances to win even more cash
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