Simulated Tennis Betting Set to Become Available to Gamblers During Lockdown

Tennis fans could soon see their betting options significantly boosted after LSports revealed plans to offer wagering on simulated matches.

Like most other major sports, tennis has been suspended indefinitely as a result of the coronavirus, resulting in the cancellation of this year’s Wimbledon Championships and the postponement of the French Open thus far.

LSports’ new service will allow sportsbooks to offer betting options on virtual matches utilising the Tennis Betting Simulator, per

Shaul Lazar, co-founder and chief executive of the company, explained the LSports database has gathered date from “more than one million tennis matches and associated statistics.”

“Sports fans around the world are starved with nearly every league shutting down operations indefinitely. Our Tennis Betting Simulator can help satiate that hunger and allow sports gambling enthusiasts to partake in the hobby while leagues’ doors remain closed.

We’ve created a system that precisely redevelops historical tennis matches while maintaining their integrity, providing sportsbooks a solution that will reopen tennis revenues.”

Fixtures will be simulated using past matchups involving even hall-of-fame players, though the exact information—including names and venues—will be distorted until after games are completed.

Games will also feature the original odds—pre-match and in-play—with up to 500 virtual matches taking place per day.


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