Shall I bet on popular basketball teams?

While it may be considered trendy and favorable to bet on basketball’s most popular teams, sharp sports gamblers will insist that it is more favorable to fade, or bet against, the teams considered to be of the highest-profile.

That is not to be said that money can’t be won betting on popular clubs, but over the long haul, experts will tell you that isn’t the case.

The thought by betting experts is that popular teams receive more of the public’s attention, forcing oddsmakers to inflate the expected price or point-spread in order to generate comparable action on the underdog.

This often creates extra value in terms of higher return on money-line wagers, or increased points to the handicap of the lesser-known teams. Sharp bettors are often ready to back non-public teams based on this inherent value.

While this is not exclusively the case, one tell-tale sign that an underdog might not have the perceived value is when the public dialog is trending toward backing a particular underdog against a team usually considered to be the stronger, favored team in a given matchup.

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