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Ignore Ballstreet Trading Coupon Code field – no need to enter any promo codes. Read on to learn how to use the exciting Ballstreet Trading app and discover some great promotions and bonus offers. Ballstreet Trading coupon code (promo codes) may become available in the future (2021).

Ballstreet Trading Review

If you are looking for a new way to engage in sports predictions and trading, you will want to check out the Ballstreet Trading app. You can download it for FREE from Google Play and AppleStore.

What is The Ballstreet Trading? This is a mobile app that will allow you to get in on the action of real-time trading of sporting events. This is done by purchasing and selling shares of different teams as they play matches. Basically, it is a live auction, and your reward will not be dependent on who wins a game. The goal is to trade players and it takes on a trader vs. trader approach.

Ballstreet Trading is a new approach to sports trading which may even change the future of the sports betting industry. 

How Sports Trading Works

When you create an account with Ballstreet, you will have the ability to trade live events as they are taking place. The app offers a tournament-style market where you will receive 100 bonus shares of each team in addition to $11.000 in virtual promotional funds per team in each market. In a sense, this replicates what you would receive when entering a poker tournament. You will then choose to buy and sell shares as games are played to out-trade competitors.

The markets for each team will trade between 0 and 100, and this will be based on the probability of a team winning the event. For example, a team that has a price of 74 will indicate traders believe there is a 74% chance that team will win the game. As each game progresses, the market will change. If a team is doing well, traders may buy additional shares, which will cause the price to increase. On the flip side, poorly performing teams will end up with lower prices as traders sell off shares.

When the game ends, the winning team will have a value of 100, and the losing team will have a value of 0. The goal with Ballstreet Trading is to be the best trader on the market and not simply choose a winning team. Learn more about how Ballstreet trading works in their FAQ section.

Who Can Play?

Since Ballstreet Trading is a free-play app, anyone in the U.S. can get download and start trading for their chance to land a spot on the leaderboard. No coupon code is required to use existing and future promotions and bonus offers.

The Ballstreet app has also become quite popular in the United Kingdom, so you may find you are competing against traders from around the world. There are no legal restrictions since no real-money transactions are being conducted.

Ballstreet Trading is not considered a form of sports betting, so it is completely legal to create an account and begin trading. You will simply be entering competitions of skill-based prediction. You will be trading against others who have signed up and not against the house, or placing wagers on the outcome of a game. 

The available events will vary based on what live games are being played at the time you begin trading. You will find coverage of many markets, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, eSports, Game of Thrones, pop culture, reality TV, award shows, politics and so much more.

How to Be A Winner

To be a winner, you just have to make the right trades at the right time and predict whether a team will win a game to score the most points. When a game ends, all open orders will be canceled and any shares that you currently own will be valued. Any shares for the winning team will be valued at $100 in virtual currency, which will count towards your P&L (Profit and Loss). Shares for losing teams will be valued at $0. Your total values will be added and will be used to position you on the leaderboard for that contest.

Even though you will not be wagering or winning any money using Ballstreet Trading, there are some events that can offer small cash prizes. Certain events, such as an MLB game, will pay real money if you manage to be in the top third of the leaderboard. The possible prize amount will be listed under the Rules section of each market you select, so you can see if you have the chance to pick up some cash as you engage in free trading.

Get the Ballstreet Trading App Today

If you want to enjoy a great social experience with other traders and like the thrills of sporting events, Ballstreet Trading is a great choice. You can find the free app for Android and iOS devices available at the online site, or you can access these through the App Store and Play Store.

It is easy to sign up and login – download browser-based Ballstreet sports trading app and sign up via Facebook. Leave coupon code field empty – no promo code is required at this time, maybe sometime in 2021.

Ballstreet Trading is relatively new and is a brand new concept. It is just in the initial stages and you will find more sports and events being added to the supported markets as it becomes more popular. There may even be a real-money version of the app in the future. For now, you can create your account and compete for virtual credits as you make predictions for your favorite teams.

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