Pointsbet Virginia Online Sportsbook Review & Promo Expected

Pointsbet Virginia Sportsbook Promo

Is Pointsbet live in Virginia?

Not yet, but their sports bet app and online casino with a good promo is expected. 


Virginia was the second state to vote to legalize sports betting in 2020 but the state is taking its time in bringing the product to market. 

Virginia approved legalized sports betting on July 1, following Tennessee across the finish line this year. However, they opted to take its time in establishing the regulations that will govern sports betting within the state. The Virginia Lottery, which will regulate sports betting in the state, opened up a window for potential operators to propose changes to the state’s sports betting laws, a window that closed on Sept. 15.

It’s expected that Virginia will launch legal sports betting apps in the state sometime early in 2021.

When Virginia does go live, there will be at least four and as many as 12 sportsbooks granted licenses to operate in the state. These licenses will be issued by the VL. Virginia also legalized casino gaming and plans to bring five casinos into the state. These casinos are also eligible to apply for one of the 12 sports betting licenses. 

Pointsbet Promo for Virginia*

*Pointsbet Virginia is not live yet, but newcomers to PointsBet sports bet app are welcomed with two risk free bets bonus worth up to maximum of $1,000. New customers will get up to a $500 refund in free bets if their first fixed odds bet loses. Along with that offer, players also receive a maximum $500 refund in free bets if their first pointsbetting wager loses. We expect Pointsbet VA to offer the same type of the welcome bonus, promo codes to be announced once the sportsbook is live in Virginia.

Pointsbet Virginia: Expected

One of the sports betting companies that’s anticipated to be among the applicants is PointsBet.

Known for their innovative PointsBetting form of wagering, which rewards players with winnings based on the margin of victory by the team they’ve bet, the Australian-based sport betting outfit is aggressively entering the U.S. market.

Pointsbet recently launched in Illinois and is poised to make its move into the Colorado and Michigan markets. Their product was live already in Indiana, New Jersey and Iowa. 

Their sportsbook offers betting markets on all the major North American sports and was quick to get up and operational in the new states to catch the kickoff of the NFL season. PointsBet is also an authorized gaming operator of MLB.

Virginia’s sports betting laws will ban betting on in-state college sports. It will require that the settlement for all in-play wagers to be based on official data supplied by the sports league. 

Pointsbet sportsbook app (expected in Virginia in 2021) is also a strong market for betting lines, with plenty of in-play wagers and frequent odds boosts. They also provide a raft of regular promotional offers.

PointsBet’s mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users.

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