Pandemic Crisis and Misconduct Allegations Add Bumps on the Road to The White House

The world has never in history been so unsure of the future. The doubt of where the country will be tomorrow much less months from now is completely baffling. But, no matter what twists and turns come in one thing is not changing. Come November 3 America will have the president in place.

The question remains is who will it be?

The battle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is intense and the betting statistics are pumped up for the war.

COVID-19 is not stopping the momentum in the political realm. The country is heavily divided and shadowing the process is controversy. Activating betting odds is the much talked about allegations by subsequent Biden campaign employee, Tara Reade. In a recent interview with Megyn Kelly she stood strong on her 1993 allegations against the politician.

Negative press commentary on what is coming across as Democratic party denial of equal rights is forcing the sitting office to stand strong.

Betting Odds: Trump is holding strong as a -125 favorite to win the US election.

The sexual molestation claims against the former Vice President Biden have made him stay consistent this week as a +135 underdog in the 2020 general election.

To add to the issue Biden has taken a questionable stance on his staying at home for health concerns instead of hitting the campaign trail. Biden said Tuesday there’s been “no evidence” that his presidential bid has been hurt by restrictions on physical campaigning put in place during the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden still has to stand up to the official Democratic nomination first and oddsmakers have that only slightly improved to -715.

During an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Biden denied speculation that he is in “hiding” as he campaigned from his Delaware residence basement instead of in public.

“Everybody says, you know, ‘Biden is hiding.’ Well let me tell you something: We’re doing very well. We’re following the guidelines of the medical profession. We’re following the guidelines of the experts,” the Democratic presidential nominee said.

But the tactic is leading some to wonder If he will even on the ticket for the Democratic party.

Former Education Secretary and current Fox News contributor Bill Bennett stated on May 6 that he believes there is “an almost 50 percent chance” that Biden will not lead the Democratic party come this summer.

And oddsmakers are putting their money down in some interesting replacements in this COVID-19 laced environment.

  • Hillary Clinton + 2500
  • Michelle Obama + 4000
  • Bernie Sanders in a comeback + 5000
  • Andrew Cuomo + 5000

Betters are placing bets he might get kicked out. The shots are long, but they are there with Hillary Clinton taking the nomination and winning at +2500 followed by Michelle Obama out of left field at +4000, Bernie Sanders in a comeback at +5000, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shocking them all at +5000.

With a shaky outlook on the future with the pandemic looming across the planet still anything is possible. Polls are showing Trump winning despite the media attacking his credibility. The notion of a Democrat taking the head office is lengthening. Only time will tell in what will be one of history’s most important elections. It is not bye, bye to Biden just yet, but the next few weeks will be saying a lot as America starts to open doors again and come out of lockdown.

Next big thing to bet on to add will be when will the casinos themselves open doors.


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