Online poker hands: what beats what?

The rank order of poker hands goes as follows, from weakest to strongest:

  1. High card. Example: AJ on 943T7
  2. One Pair. Example: KQ on QT876 or J9 on 225K8.
  3. Two Pair. Example: 98 on 98AQJ or KJ on JTT27.
  4. Three of a Kind. Example: 22 on AK2Q9 or A9 on 998J2.
  5. Straight. Example: JT on 98732.
  6. Flush. Example AsKs on Js9s4hQs2h.
  7. Full House. Example: 55 on 5KJ44 or 99 on KKK84.
  8. Four of a Kind. Example: AA on AAKJ4 or A8 on 8889K.
  9. Straight Flush. Example: QdJd on Td9d8d4h4s.
  10. Royal Flush. KhQh on AhJhTh6d4d.

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