Oklahoma online sports betting laws 2019

Oklahoma would like to join the growing number of states that have already opened legalized sports books or are in the process of legalizing sports betting. But the year 2020 is the earliest even with an aggressive approach.

Since the Supreme Court decision on May 14, 2018, struck down the federal ban on sports betting (PASPA), states have been proposing legislation to legalize sports betting. As of late June 2019, there are eight states with legal sports betting and 10 more states pending launch with legislative approval.

Oklahoma residents hope to join the growing states and interest of fans that are able to legally bet on sports like football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, boxing, UFC and other sports. The interest in being able to bet on the big ‘Bedlam’ football game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma state is growing. The legal age for gambling in Oklahoma is 18 in some casinos and 21 in others.

Oklahoma has a casino infrastructure with the tribal casinos, and once legislation is adopted and passed, legal sports betting will be offered within the casinos. Further expansion and mobile betting would have to be proposed and approved by legislators.

Legislation Updates on Sports Betting in Oklahoma

Oklahoma will have a new governor with the upcoming 2019 election. Expect new proposals for sports betting to be implemented.

There was no action taken following the recent 2019 legislative session on a bill that was introduced to allow the Oklahoma governor to expand the tribal-state compact and include “sports pools.” The expansion would have consisted of “wagering on the outcome of one or more competitive games in which athletes participate, or on one or more performances of such athletes in such games where all bets are placed in a common pool or pot from which all player winnings, prizes and direct costs are paid.”


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