NHL trade deadline betting: what to bear in mind before and after?

Some Canadians have suggested that the NHL trade deadline should be a national holiday in Canada. Many Canadians spend the day attached to their smartphones and laptops, awaiting for the chips to fall, for the next deal to come to fruition.
It’s often speculated that the Stanley Cup can be won or lost on trade deadline day, but if you’re planning to place a Stanley Cup future book wager post deadline, there’s one thing to be gleaned from this scenario once the dealing is done. It’s that bigger is rarely better when it comes to the NHL trade deadline.

Often, it’s the team that adds a depth defenseman will find this move pays the most dividends in the long run. The Detroit Red Wings won four Stanley Cups between 1997-2008 and in each of their wins, moved to deepen their defensive corps at the deadline.
In 1997, the Wings added Larry Murphy. In 1998, they brought Jamie Macoun and Dmitri Mironov on board. In 2002 they added Jiri Slegr and in 2008, Brad Stuart. The 20018-18 Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals followed a similar path, picking up Michal Kempny and Jakub Jerabek at the deadline.

The year before, the Caps went all in to grab the most coveted trade-deadline chip, acquiring all-star blueliner Kevin Shattenkirk from the St. Louis Blues. Likewise in 1999, looking to win a third straight Cup, the Wings went whole hog, adding goalie Bill Ranford, left-winger Wendel Clark and defensemen Chris Chelios and Ulf Samuelsson in deadline deals. Detroit also exited from the playoffs in Round 2.
Chemistry is a vital component to hockey success and slotting in a player in a key role so late in the season can upset the balance of a team.

Chemistry is also something to keep in mind when wagering on pre and post-trade deadline hockey. A team that is looking to be a seller and move players out is going to have a dressing room full of uncertain psyches, and jumpy every time their phone goes off.
Likewise, after the deadline, these teams that move out veterans will be younger and not as deep in talent, and can prove to be cannon fodder in post-deadline competition.

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