NHL Futures 2020 Odds and Predictions: Fading the Central

While fans of the St. Louis Blues enjoy their first Stanley Cup championship in the franchise’s 52-year history — they defeated the Boston Bruins in seven games… and the rest is “Gloria!” — linemakers don’t believe in the Blues’ long-term viability in Missouri.

Domestic books from coast-to-gulf (Nevada, too) are taking a more serious, prolonged approach to NHL Futures in light of the substantial liability paid on the Blues.

Among the surprises in NHL Futures for the 2019-20 season, the Central Division finds St. Louis listed only as a co-favorite with rising Colorado (12-1).

Meanwhile, the two clubs that finished above them — Winnipeg (20-1) and Nashville (25-1) are both deeply down-graded, along with playoff participant Dallas (30-1).

If the entire Central is being faded by the books — yet three of the teams must advance the playoffs – a look at Chicago or Minnesota (35-1 or higher each) could become an opportunity to find next season’s version of the Blues.

Meanwhile, the favorites in the NHL are the Tampa Bay Lightning (8-1), Vegas Golden Knights (9-1), then the Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs (each 10-1). Toronto? Sorry, Maple Leafs fans! — the Raptors won an NBA basketball crown sooner than you. In addition, don’t expect much from the MLB Blue Jays or the CFL Argonauts this summer/fall either.
Futures Scam Alert
One offshore “webbook” offered odds on the expansion team in Seattle. One major problem: the club doesn’t hit the ice until the 2020-21 season and not this October. It’s another reason to only legally wager close to home.

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