NFL Week 12 lines, with just one game with a spread over a touchdown, have William Hill excited

If you have followed the NFL point spread lines this season, you will know that there have been a ton of games with double digit lines, and more that have been over one touchdown.

That is not the case in Week 12, which is something that the sports books will be enjoying.

With the big spreads come big action on one team, especially in parlays and teasers, something that books like William Hill do not necessarily want to see

“Looking at this week’s card, there’s so many short lines,” Director of Trading at William Hill US Nick Bogdanovich said. “A bookmaker can’t ask for more than that. There’s not a lot of big teaser games: Miami’s at 7 [at the Jets], Cleveland’s at 7 [at the Jaguars], Rams are at 7 [vs. the 49ers]. Packers are the biggest favorite this week at 8.5 [vs. the Bears], and since that’s the late game, they’ll probably tie everything into Green Bay.”

Right now, heading into Sunday, there are some games that the betting public has absolutely hammered.

In the early games, the New York Giants, a six-point favorite over Joe Burrow-less Cincinnati, have 93 percent of the tickets with William Hill, and 98 percent of the money (which is a ridiculous number). Las Vegas (-3 against Atlanta) and Arizona (-2.5 against New England) are both on 88 percent of the plays, although 86 percent of the money is on the Cardinals, while just 69 percent has come in on the Raiders. Both Buffalo (-5.5 over the Chargers) and Miami (-7 against the hapless and winless Jets), are taking 80 percent of the tickets, and nearly 80 percent of the money on their games.

In the late contests, the public is crushing Kansas City -3.5 against the Buccaneers to the tune of 85 percent of the tickets and 93 percent of the money. 

The two prime time games also see one-way action. Green Bay is a huge -8.5 favorite, which has not deterred the bettors: about 75 percent of both the money and tickets have come in on the Packers.

Which leaves us with the Monday Night Football game: Seattle, a -5 point favorite in Philadelphia, is taking in 92 percent of the tickets, and 84 percent of the money.

So if you are a believer in going against the betting public, there are more than a few games here this weekend for you to look at, and wager.


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