New York Yankees v. The Boston Red Sox: $10million expected to be wagered in the UK

baseball ball

This weekend sees London host its first Major League Baseball match at The London Stadium, as the New York Yankees take on The Boston Red Sox.

The MLB are following in the footsteps of two of America’s favorite other pastimes, Football, and Basketball, by making the transition to hosting a regular season game in England’s capital, and it is estimated that over $10million will be wagered in the UK on the MLB London Series, according to the betting experts in London talked to. 

 As the New York Yankees face the Boston Red Sox at London Stadium this Saturday and Sunday, bettors will likely flock to a wealth of markets including money line, run line and live betting. 

Along with making up one of the most iconic rivalries in American sports, the Yankees and Red Sox are two of the most supported American franchises in the UK, leading experts to predict significant attention paid by bettors to this weekend’s series.

Betting on US sports has increased within the UK since American leagues, such as the NFL and NBA, have ventured across the pond to expand global fan bases.

The NFL has been regularly playing games in London since 2007 when the New York Giants faced the Miami Dolphins, capturing the UK audience by sending different teams each year.

This combined with the league’s heavy investment in UK marketing across partnerships, traditional media and social influencers, along with inviting high-profile celebrities like Stormzy and Rio Ferdinand to the Super Bowl, has led to increased international reach. The NBA has noticed similar success in hosting games in the UK.


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