Milwaukee Bucks betting: expert advice, picks and predictions?

The Milwaukee Bucks have the game’s brightest young star and went from a potential success to an NBA Finals contender seemingly overnight.

That combination has resulted in the NBA’s most profitable team for sports bettors on a day-in-and-day-out basis.

There is hardly a role that the Bucks can’t be trusted to return a profit for bettors over the long-term of late.

The absolute best role has been when coming off a loss. The Bucks are having success the franchise hasn’t seen in 30 years, but still they’ve dropped a few games.

When bettors have gotten on Milwaukee the night after a loss, it has been an awesome bet of late.

Also, when the Bucks are playing their division foes, they have been extremely strong.

The Bucks aren’t an underdog too often anymore, but when they are, that has been a great time for bettors to strike, as Milwaukee has been even stronger than usual in that role.

When the Bucks have had one day’s rest exactly, they also have provided tremendous returns for the most part. Still, when playing on 2 or 3 days’ rest, they get the job done, as well.

When Milwaukee is facing Eastern Conference foes, they are also much stronger than when facing the Western Conference.

Betting on the Bucks isn’t the only way to make money betting on their games.

The Bucks have been a strong UNDER play when playing divisional opponents. Every bit as strong as betting on the Bucks themselves.

When coming off a loss, the Bucks have had a tendency to go UNDER, as well.

When the Bucks go on the road, those games usually go UNDER, especially when the Bucks are favored.

Milwaukee has a tendency to go OVER, however, as an underdog in general.

Also, the Bucks’ games outside of their division go OVER more often than not.


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