Will Matchbook Catch On In The USA?

Betting exchanges like Matchbook are popular ways to play in the United Kingdom but they are relatively unknown in the USA. That situation, though, may be about to change when Matchbook US sports betting app becomes available in NJ, PA, New York and other states with legal online sports gambling.

The Betfair Exchange is already operational in New Jersey and Matchbook.com sportsbook is also preparing to make the move across the pond to America. In operation since 2005, Matchbook is licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and the UK Gambling Commission.

How Matchbook Sports Betting Work

Entities such as Matchbook are peer-to-peer sports betting exchanges that enable the customers to set the odds on a specific wager. You can accept betting lines already posted on the site, or seek to create your own betting market.

Instead of competing against the house, once a wager is established, you’ll be paired off against another bettor who is willing to take the play opposite to the one established by you.

For instance, if you wanted to back the Arizona Coyotes to beat the Philadelphia Flyers in an NHL game, you make a proposal to Matchbook sportsbook to back the Coyotes, and set the moneyline you desire. 

Suppose you set a moneyline of -150 on the Coyotes. Now you need a Flyers supporter to lay the odds against the bet, and the exchange is in play. Instead of accepting the odds established by a sportsbook’s oddsmaker, the two of you have combined to set your own betting line on the game. 

Back vs Lay

These are the terms you’ll hear most often applied to exchange betting like the system at Matchbook sports betting. 

When you choose to back an outcome in a betting market, you are wagering that something is going to happen. This is very much like a bet you would make at a traditional bookmaker.

When you lay a selection, you’re taking the opposite point of view. You’re betting on something not happening, or against something happening. 

When you lay a bet, you are filling the role normally played by the traditional bookmaker. If your bet proves to be a loser, you’ll be required to pay out to the winner, much like a bookmaker would.

Matchbook USA promotions

Will Matchbook Catch On In The USA?

It’s difficult to see a reason why Matchbook betting app wouldn’t prove to be a popular betting option in the United States. The concept of sports betting exchange is not foreign. In fact, it could be argued that it’s the foundation that America was built upon. 

Rolling the dice, taking risks, that’s what those who boarded the Mayflower and set sail for America were doing. Bet exchanges like Matchbook enable the clients to move the goalposts in the betting world and in doing so, to create better odds for themselves.

American icons tend to be grounded in rugged individualism. So a concept that enables you to set your own ground rules ought to appeal to the fabric of Americana.

On top of that, Matchbook sportsbook carries all of the popular American sports. You can bet on NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, as well as golf, horse racing boxing and soccer.

Matchbook Mobile Betting App

We know that more than 70% of all bets in New Jersey are placed via mobile apps. We would expect that Matchbook bet app for US users will be available to download both for Android and iPhone devies and have smooth and functional design.

Matchbook Bonus Code for USA (2020)

Matchbook USA Bonus Code  n/a
100% Deposit Bonus to be revealed
First Bet Lost and Acca Bets 10
Matchbook Casino US Bonus Expected
No Deposit Bonus TBR
Promotion Terms: 21+, (NJ, PA expected), US 2020

When Matchbook enters US sports betting market with its sportsbook app (probably in 2020), some really good promotions such as a 100% deposit match bonus or a no deposit bonus to be expected. We also think that Matchbook online will offer to its new and existing American customers rewards points for betting and promo code offerings. Let’s see and anticipate at least a deposit bonus! 


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