Luck Be a Lady (and a Gentleman) for Casino Fashion

Slots or table games tonight? Dress up! What should you wear to a casino – this is the question!

Entering the doors of a casino is an exciting moment. The instant the air hits the rush builds inside of you. But, the outside of your being can be just as captivating.

Take a look around you. The dress code of the casino lifestyle is not straightforward, but it is something to always keep in mind to make the most of your experience.

For some the word “casino” can represent a place straight out of a family road trip. Yes, there are the areas reserved for those who take the word “casual” to a whole new meaning. We have all seen the slots machine aisles full of people sitting in Bermuda shorts and glittery head visors. They have a level of comfort that fits the arena of choice and is not something to be critiqued. It is a look for ease and not about luxury.

In essence, the casual crowd of casinos are fine. Perhaps in certain cultures it is considered improper for men to reveal their knees or for women to expose their navel. But at the slots and the small betting tables this is a style that is understood to have staying power.

As long as there is respect for others really what is the harm in wearing a Star Wars shirt. But, when it comes to hardcore political beliefs on your baseball cap it may be best to leave that article of clothing at home. After all, people come to the slots for easy fun, not a hot topic debate.

At other regions of the casino there is an expected different code of conduct. There is typically a written dress code. And even if it is not spoken there is a protocol. More and more gambling venues are requiring that guests wear certain items of clothing.

This is especially true at higher-end casinos.

When sitting down for a game of high-class poker expect you and your guests to be able to grace the pages of “Vogue” or “Allure.”

At night you might be called upon before entering the VIP section or private casino to be in formal-wear, such as White Tie or Black Tie. White Tie is sometimes called Full Evening Dress. It is considered the most formal style of dress in all of Western fashion. Just like royalty you will feel like a king and queen. Men are expected to wear a black dress coat with tails along with a matching pair of trousers while women wear evening gowns and elegant jewelry.

Black Tie is awaited in high-roller halls of casinos. It is also formal dress just a step below White Tie. Men wear a tuxedo. Women’s Black Tie dress code usually is a cocktail dress and evening shoes.

These rules apply in Europe and especially at Monte-Carlo. The dress code also applies to the high-roller decked out halls of Las Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City.

Of course most visits to casinos require travel. It is not always an option to pack such an extensive wardrobe. No matter what try to at least be in a semiformal state when entering any high-level casino. Think a suit for men or a lovely black cocktail number for women.

The lesson here is that even when you can’t dress fully formal, you should still try to blend in. Always pack at bare minimum a button down shirt for men and a blouse for women with a corresponding pair of slacks or a skirt. And, you can never go wrong with black solids. And, if possible men bring a pair of dress shoes and women at least one pair of closed toe flats or high heels.

You just never know what can happen in a casino. Being in a fancier outfit that is more than just Bermuda shorts or a swimsuit cover-up will be ideal if you come across someone special who could invite you into the party of your life.

But, no matter what don’t forget your lucky socks.

Photo by Jordan Bauer 


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