Louisiana sports betting bill rejected by House

There was much hope that the state of Louisiana would join in the growing sports betting revolution that is sweeping the United States after the Supreme Court ruling last year.

But it now looks likely that the residents of the state will have to continue driving to neighboring Mississippi if they legally want to place wagers on sporting events .

In what looks to be a near fatal blow to the legalization of sports betting in the state of Louisiana, the state House House Appropriations Committee voted 14-6 against Senate Bill 153 (SB 153), which was sponsored by Danny Martiny (R). It is the second year running that a bill has been defeated to legalize the

The bill, which had already passed through the Senate, was then beaten in two more votes later in the day to try to keep it alive.

It was anther blow for Martiny, who had hoped this was the time the legislation would be passed.

“I am not surprised,” Martiny said after the vote. “I am disappointed. I am just trying to allow our casinos to compete on an even playing field with Mississippi.”


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