In which states is it legal to bet on college sports in the USA?

After many years of having to go to Las Vegas or Reno, Nevada to visit a sportsbook and place a wager on college sports, or any sport for that matter, a new era of sports betting has begun.

In 2018, the PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) was ruled unconstitutional. That meant states finally had the right to legalize and regulate sports betting as they wished.

  1. Nevada

  2. Delaware

  3. New Jersey

  4. Mississippi

  5. New Mexico

  6. West Virginia

  7. Pennsylvania

  8. Rhode Island

All eight of the states above offer full-scale legal sports betting.

Many other states are considering following suit. New York and Arkansas appear to be the next two states that will offer full-scale legal sports betting, though a bill has yet to be officially passed.

Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Nebraska, North Carolina, Vermont, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Utah are all states in which there has been no legalization activity. Utah remains the least likely to legalize full-scale sports betting, as the state has long opposed all forms of gambling.

All other states not listed above are open to the idea of legalizing sports betting in one way or another, however additional steps must be taken to revise the outdated laws currently in place.

Though the legalization process is undeniably slow, we can expect more states to be added to the list above in the coming years as sports betting becomes more prevalent.


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