Looking for Value in Live Hockey Betting Odds

Why should you be making live bets on NHL games?

Actually, the question should be why aren’t you live betting on NHL games? Like a potent offensive team in full gear, the opportunities to score a winfall just keep on coming.

You really can’t assess the flow of a game until the puck drops, and live betting allows you to go with that flow. If the favorite is off to a slow start, it might be time to wager on the underdog. Maybe one team’s goalie just doesn’t have it and is fighting the puck, or perhaps a team’s power play is on fire and absolutely lighting the lamp.

Teams talk about momentum swings during games, and by riding these waves, you can add to your pocketbook. You’ve won money by playing the underdog that came out of the gate to win the first period, but now the favorites have settled in and are ramping up their performance. Now’s the time to switch gears and make live plays on them to score the next goal and win the next period.

The beauty of this is that you just need to focus on the flow of one game. On a busy night there can be up to as many as 15 games on the NHL schedule. A sportsbook like the BetMGM or Unibet NJ must track every one of them, so chances are you might get that next bet down before the odds adjust to the latest momentum swing in the game.


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