How to know which College Basketball game to bet on?

Interested in betting on college basketball tonight but don’t know which games to bet on?

Betting college basketball can be very difficult. 18-year-old college athletes are tough to get a read on. Have you ever seen a freshman point guard get caught in a press trap? They tend to freeze up and make an ill-advised pass that causes a turnover. College basketball is unpredictable, but I’m here to try to help figure out what game is as close to predictable as possible.

When I look for a game to bet on during the week, the number one thing I look for is:

  • Top 25 team on the road
  • Also favored on the road
  • Also playing an in-conference rival who is NOT ranked

A good example of what I mean is Michigan State vs. Indiana a few weeks ago. Michigan State was ranked number nine in the country playing an unranked Indiana on the road. For people who do not know, both Michigan State and Indiana play in the Big Ten conference and have been rivals since the start of the conference. Indiana was six-point underdogs at home against one of their biggest rivals. Indiana’s moneyline was +240, meaning if you put $100.00 on them you’d win $240.00. Indiana should have lost this game on paper, but they ended up winning 63-62 covering the spread by 7 points.

That type of upset happens a lot more than you would think in college basketball and that is why always look out for that type of matchup. If you think about that kind of matchup from a human standpoint, it makes sense as to why underdogs cover the spread a lot. If you ever played a sport, you know that there is a little extra motivation facing an in-conference opponent at home and being an underdog. The feeling of disrespect is a hell of a motivating factor. That type of bet does not always hit but if you’re looking for a type of college basketball game to bet on look no further. You will not regret it.


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