How to handicap games when bad teams face one another?

Like any given matchup, teams of different calibers can line up against one another on any given night.

One of the least popular matchups is when bad teams square off against each other.

These are often considered games that only a gambler could love, with the crowd at way less than capacity and a bunch of young players and retreads running up and down the floor.

While these games offer little for the trendy basketball connoisseur, hard-cord NBA gamblers will pour over information of a game between two teams going nowhere like it was Game 7.

The most important factors to consider, however, are much like those in any other game.

Looking at the teams’ recent form, head-to-head series matchups, injury and lineup changes, and offensive and defensive scoring averages are just as important to consider here as in a battle of top-tier teams.

One factor to consider with some teams that are near the very bottom of the standings is whether or not a team is “tanking” on the season.

While not throwing in the towel, some teams that may be eligible to receive a high draft choice will change lineup patterns to play lower-tiered personnel.

Still, on occasion, a group of rag-tags will spring an upset of playoff-bound teams, but it should be noted that when teams with little motivation meet, the outcome seems far-less predictable than games played between teams with better records and more consistent lineups.


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