How to bet on the Carolina Hurricanes? Betting tips and odds!

On their Twitter page, the Carolina Hurricanes bill themselves as, “That hockey team with the fun celebrations.” Carolina’s post-game celebration rituals have become the talk of the NHL. Some bill them as the fun bunch due to their unique way of entertaining the fans post-game, skits that have seen the team become human bowling pins, act out a baseball walk off home run and even get knocked out by former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield. Others – most notably NHL commentator and star of Coach’s Corner Don Cherry, label the Hurricanes as a “bunch of jerks,” feeling their antics embarrass the fabric of the game and show up the opposition.

Who would have bet on this making the Hurricanes the focus of the hockey world? In truth, there hasn’t been much to talk about regarding the Hurricanes since their 2005-06 Stanley Cup triumph. Through the 2017-18 season, Carolina had missed the playoffs nine years in a row. They’ve recently gone through an ownership change that led to upheaval in the front office, the coaching staff and their player personnel.
All of this inconsistency and uncertainty have made the Hurricanes a challenging team to figure out from a betting standpoint.

They’ve been bad to mediocre for so many years that it’s hard to take them seriously and put any money on them achieving a positive outcome. They aren’t all that successful at home, so betting against the Hurricanes as a home favorite can prove to way to gain a profitable outcome. They also don’t score all that much, so the Hurricanes tend to be a reliable under play on a total wager. Defensively, they don’t allow many shots and are strong penalty killers, which again tends to keep their games low-scoring affairs.

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