How to bet and win at College Basketball?

People always ask how to bet and how to win at college basketball. The first half of that question is an easy answer, the second half people for generations have been wondering the same thing. I’ll try my best to answer that.

There are multiple ways to bet. You can either get an online bookie or check to see what local state legalized gambling. As far as I can see the states with online gambling are:

· New Jersey
· Delaware
· Mississippi
· West Virginia
· Pennsylvania
· Rhode Island

If you go to one of these states you can either use an online app or go to a sportsbook casino and place the bet in person.

As you can see, most states have not legalized gambling yet for one reason or another. Depending on the method of gambling, you will either need to put money in an account upfront or the account is treated like a credit card. By credit card I mean that you have a certain starting balance and it goes either down or up depending on if you win or lose. A couple sportsbook options to get you started are FanDuel and Draft Kings.

How To Win At College Basketball

The million dollar question really. A better question is how to win at college basketball at a profitable yet realistic rate. That is what gambling college basketball is all about. My answer to that is to bet on an unranked home team who are underdogs against a top 25 team. I know that sounds crazy but those teams are highly motivated and a home crowd plays a big factor in the sport. They may not win but they usually keep it close therefore covering the spread.


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