How popular is betting on NFL games?

Football and the NFL is far and away the most popular sport to bet on in the United States. In 2017 Nevada sports book set a record with $4.8 billion bet on football and also turned a record profit of $248.7 million that year. That was the last year that Nevada basically had a monopoly on sports betting. Compare those figures to the $1.4 billion that was bet on basketball and the $1.1 billion that was bet on baseball and you see that football is easily the favorite of the American betting public. And that’s just legal betting,. According to the American Gaming Association in 2018 there was over $150 billion bet illegally on sports and of that $150 billion, $95 billion was bet illegally on football. With sports betting now legal in several other states and even more states to follow by the year 2020, sports betting, and especially NFL betting is going to continue to grow both in America and outside the country as well.


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