How much do I win for a boxing match bet?

When betting on boxing online the amount you win varies based on the odds and the amount wagered. A moneyline bet, for example, gives fighters a plus and a minus number. For example when Floyd Mayweather fought Conor McGregor the moneyline odds on Mayweather were -900 and McGregor was +600. In this match-up, McGregor was the huge underdog at +600. The underdog is always given the plus number and the favorite to win is always given the minus number. How much a gambler wins on a boxing match is dependent on the amount wagered and the odds that were purchased. Boxing moneylines fluctuate based on how much money is being bet on each fighter. For instance, when Floyd Mayweather fought Conor McGregor he opened as a-2000 favorite.

Because of McGregor’s popularity and the public’s perception that he would knock Mayweather out as he predicted, 80% of bets were placed on McGregor to win. Because of the lopsided amount of bets being placed on McGregor the odds dropped from -2000 to -900. If you were a Mayweather backer against McGregor it would have been best to have waited until right before the fight to place your wager. At -900 right before the fight, a $900 bet on Mayweather would have paid out $100. If you were eager to bet Mayweather when the odds

were first released at – 2000 you would have to wager $2000 to win $100. One not about the betting moneyline is that you do not have to wager $100 to win $100 on every bet. For example, if you were to make a $20 bet on a +100 moneyline your payout is $20 on top of your $20. The math is the same no matter how much you wager. A $20 bet at +200 moneyline pays out $40 on top of your original $20 wager


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