How much can I win betting on horse racing long shots?

That all depends on how you bet them.
Betting long shots blindly is a quick route to the poorhouse. The crowd is amazingly accurate at determining which horses have the best chances of winning and anyone betting a steady parade of long shots is likely to encounter long losing streaks.
That said, occasionally the public overlooks horses for various reasons and establishes odds that are higher – sometimes much higher — than the steed’s actual chances of winning. Those are the situations that long shot bettors look for and capitalize on.
If you can spot such a horse and use it as a “key” in a vertical or multi-race wager like a superfecta or Pick 6, the sky’s the limit. In the 2019 Florida Derby, for example, players who included 71-1 long shot Bodexpress in the $1 Super High Five collected more than $61,500,


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