How many esports teams are in the UK, US and the World?

Just like traditional sports, there is an almost countless number of esports teams at every level of the competitive ecosystem. It would be very difficult to map out every football team in the world and the task is similarly difficult for esports teams. Take the Overwatch scene for example. There are 20 teams in the Overwatch League, the highest level of competitive Overwatch. The next level of the Overwatch ecosystem is Contenders which has separate leagues in North America East, North America West, South America, China, Australia, Europe, Korea, and the Pacific.

Each of these leagues has 8 teams except Chinese Contenders which has 12. That’s a further 68 teams. Then each of the open divisions to qualify for Contenders had approximately sixteen more teams which didn’t qualify, that’s another 112 teams, some of them with official organizations and some without. That’s about 200 teams just at the very top of the Overwatch scene, which is only one game out of hundreds of esports titles. The scope of esports is immense and trying to map out every team in the world is an impossible task.

The UK has a rich history of esports but is still currently dwarfed by the esports “meccas” of the United States, South Korea, and China. Despite this, there is still a huge number of esports organizations based in the UK. United Kingdom teams are often grouped with teams from the rest of Europe when it comes to esports ecosystems. Take League of Legends for example, where Excel Esports which is headquartered at Twickenham Rugby Stadium in London plays in the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) with the rest of Europe’s elite teams. There is also a dedicated UK league which is on a lower tier of competition, featuring nine endemic UK teams. Some of the biggest esports organizations headquartered in the UK are Fnatic, Excel Esports and MnM Gaming.

The US has the largest esports scene of one country in the Western world. Los Angeles is quickly becoming the “place to be” of the esports world because of the large number of teams headquartered there and a consequence of this is, of course, is that many of esports’ weekly leagues such as the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) and the Overwatch League also take place in LA. Some of the largest esports organizations in North America include Team Liquid, Cloud9, Team Solomid, FaZe Clan and Optic Gaming.


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