How does NBA proposition betting work?

Many sportsbook operators will offer special proposition wagering as it relates to an NBA game or specifically designed betting matchup.

The most popular of the proposition bets are player-oriented, where the oddsmaker will set lines on individual player statistics, such as scoring, rebounds or assists. The oddsmaker may even combine categories and set an appropriate line for gamblers to wager on.

Most proposition bets are set with standard take-out, asking gamblers to lay -110 ($110 to win $100 for a $210 return), although the vigorish can be adjusted by the linemaker instead of moving the projected statistical total.

Because of the nature of proposition betting and the specific attention given by gamblers, sportsbooks sometimes have a bigger surcharge (vigorish) on these type of bets. A line can be set as high as -115 or -120 on each side of the prop.

Oddsmakers can also set propositions in NBA games on team-based events, such as “which team will be the first to score 10 points” or “which team will score first” or many other variations of events. The most significant the game, the more propositions are usually made available by the sportsbook.

Some sportsbooks will also offer propositions on awards or off-the-court events, such as “Who will win the NBA MVP Award?” or Who will be the first selection in the upcoming NBA Draft?


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