Betting on college football with odds and examples?

The main difference between betting professional football (National Football League) and college football (NCAA) is the level of talent.

Because of that, the point spread lines (a forecast of the number of points by which a stronger team is expected to defeat a weaker one). The over/under total (total amount of points projected to be scored by the two teams combined) on many of the games are higher.

For instance, in the 2018 NCAA Playoffs, the semifinal game between Oklahoma and Alabama, two of the four best teams in college football, saw a point spread of -13.5 in favor of Alabama.

But the main difference was the over/under, which was set at a whopping 79 points!

That was a record for a playoff game.

In contrast, the over/under for Super Bowl 53, which had the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots (two of the highest scoring teams in the NFL) was the highest of all time, at 59.

The higher over totals are due to a few things, mainly the fact that the defenses in college are nowhere near as talented as the offenses.

Also, playoff rules, which allow each team a chance to score until one team wins, sometimes pumps up the final score by as much as 14-28 points. Texas A&M beat LSU 74-72 in seven overtimes in 2018, to shatter the over total.

college football Bet Types

For most college football games, bettors can bet on any of the money line, point spread, and/or the over/under. Plus many games have multiple proposition bets.

American sports gamblers can also bet on which player they think will win the Heisman Trophy. This is the award for the next player each season, as well as the national champion team that is the winner of the Bowl Championship Playoff.

Check, for instance, NJ betting apps like bet365 or Unibet. You can also bet online at Oregon's Scoreboard, Pennsylvania's William Hill and New Hampshire's Draftkings sportsbook.

The current champion is Clemson, which beat Alabama 44-16 in January 2019. Clemson should be one of the favorites again, as well as Alabama.


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