How does betting a draw in a soccer final work?

In a soccer final, be it the World Cup, or the Champions League, there will be a winner. That doesn’t mean a bettor can’t wager on a draw. If the regulation match ends with the score tied, a bet on a draw is a winner. In 2016 the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Athletic Madrid ended 1-1 and went to penalties where Real Madrid prevailed, 5-3. A wager on a draw for the game would have been a winner. The same in 2012 when Chelsea and Bayern Munich played to a 1-1 regulation draw before Chelsea won on penalties, 4-3. Two of the last three World Cup finals also would have paid off if a draw was wagered. In 2014, Germany and Argentina battled to a 0-0 score in regulation before Germany won in overtime. And in 2010 Spain and the Netherlands also battled to a 0-0 regulation draw before Spain won in overtime.


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