How do you bet on the Super Bowl?

Any way you want. The Super Bowl is the most bet sporting event in the United States every year. This past Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams saw $145.9 million bet in the Nevada sportsbooks, which was the second most of all time. The most money ever bet on the game came one year earlier in 2018 when $158.6 million was bet on the game between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles. And that’s just in Nevada.

The American Gaming Association estimates that over $4.5 billion is bet on the game both legally and illegally Besides betting the point spread, New England was a three-point favorite (and covered the spread), or the money line, or even the over/under (the under won) there are literally hundreds of prop bets advertised for the Super Bowl.

Websites and casinos allow bettors to wager on everything from if the pre-game coin toss comes up heads or tails to how long it will take the celebrity singer (last year it was Gladys Knight) to sing the National Anthem. There are also interesting actual sports prop bets as well. Some of them include how many passing yards the quarterbacks will amass, how many rushing yards the running backs will gain and how many catches and yards the receivers will get.

Cross-sports bets

There are also cross-sports bets. One of which was whether the Patriots would score more points against the Los Angeles Rams than the Boston Red Sox scored runs against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. For the record they did not.


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