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How do you bet on the money line in Baseball (MLB)?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: April 19, 2019

The money line is the simplest way to bet. Just choose the team you think will win. It’s that simple. Although it’s a 50/50 proposition, you’ll need to pay more if betting the team that is favored. On the flip side, you’ll be paid more, if you bet the underdog and it wins. Keep in mind, the bottom team is always the home team. An example of this is:

Detroit Tigers +115
New York Yankees -130

Using $100 as our bet; if you bet the New York Yankees and they win, you will win $100. If you bet the Yankees and lose, you will need to pay $130. If you bet the Detroit Tigers and they win, you will be paid, $115. If the Tigers lose, you lose $100.