How do you bet on NBA team totals?

Team totals are a variation of the game total, which usually closely correlates with the full game’s point spread and betting total.

Usually, a team’s expected total is the number of points that oddsmakers are projecting one particular team will finish with.

For example, if the Warriors are favored by 10 points over the Bucks and the total on the game is 232, it is extremely likely that the Warriors’ team total will be around 121.

That number is the total divided by two, then five points are added to represent half of the 10-point spread expected in the game.

Conversely, the Bucks will likely have a team total if around 111, since half of 232 is 166, then we subtract the five points from their score to separate the teams by a 10-point spread.

The same can be said for the first-half team total, but the number represents just the expected amount of points in the first half only, and shouldn’t be considered just half of the points that are expected to be scored in the game.

The first half (or second half) team total should be treated differently in the aspect that bookmakers often list first half or second half totals that aren’t exactly half of the expected total points in the game, since the pace of the game could be expected to be played at a different pace between the two clubs in either the first or second half.

Still, if the Warriors are favored by 6 points in the first half on a total of 120, then we can expect the Warriors team total to be around 63, since we divide 120 in half and add three points to represent the six-point first-half spread.

And on the contrary, the Bucks would likely have a team total of 57, since we simply subtract the three points from the 60.


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