How do you bet on Fantasy Football?

Betting on fantasy Football is exactly the same as betting on any other fantasy sport – such as rugby, baseball, basketball and soccer. The concept is the same; competitors have to create a team of players from real-life teams, which then scores points based on those players’ performances in actual matches.

Basic rules

The rules on picking DFS football players and scoring points vary from league to league, from website to website. But, there are regularly limits on how many players fantasy sports managers can select from individual teams – and the fantasy team must resemble a real-life one in terms of player positions (for example, teams must include a quarterback two running backs and three wide receivers) et cetera.

In many cases, fantasy players are given a ‘budget’ for their side and have to create their team within that spending limit.

Points in fantasy football betting

In fantasy football betting, points are awarded or deducted for a offensive and defensive actions, including touchdowns, two-point conversions, passing yards, rushing yards and reception or sacks, interceptions, recoveries, returns, and blocked punts on the defensive.

As with all fantasy sport, you need to be familiar with real-life players’ stats before recruiting them to your fantasy football lineup.

There are two main types of DFS football competition – cash games and tournaments.

In the former, there are two sub-categories: 50/50s or head to head.

  1. In a 50/50 league, participants who finish in the top half of their ‘league’ win double their stake money. Those who finish in the bottom half win nothing.
  2. Head to head competitions are more like real matches. Competitors can buy in to play against randomly chosen opponents, or their friends and place money on the outcome of a ‘match’ based on their players’ performances in a given weekend. The player whose team racks up the most points wins the pot. Again, it’s simply double their stake.

DFS Football betting tournaments

Online fantasy football betting tournaments run over the length of a competition or season – with prizes, often of cash, for players whose fantasy teams finish higher in the league, according to the prize purse. The player who finishes at the top of the table wins the most money, with the sums declining the further down the field. Usually those in the top 15 percent or so will win some money.

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How to play Daily Fantasy Football at DraftKings

With millions of dollars in prize-money awarded weekly, it’s understandable that Fantasy Football online games, such as ones on the DraftKings website/mobile app, are hugely popular.

The basics are common to other fantasy sports games – whether that game is rugby, basketball, soccer, or hockey – competitors create their dream ‘fantasy team’ based on a selection of real-life players and enter that team in daily, weekly or competition-length tournaments.

Cash or other prizes are available

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Football operates along those lines. Anyone who signs up can create a nine-player team roster – as long as they do not break an imaginary $50,000 ‘salary cap’. A top quarterback could use up as much as $9,000 of that salary allowance, while a WR might cost as little as $4,000.

The team must be made up of a Quarter Back, two Running Backs, a Tight End, three Wide Receivers, one Defence / Special Team, and a flexible choice of an additional Running Back, Tight End, or Wide Receiver.

Scoring fantasy points depends on how the real-life players do on the field. The better they perform, the more fantasy points they score.

Once players have selected their team line-up, or roster, they can enter a range of competitions – such as head-to-heads against friends, or 50/50 competitions in which the aim is to finish in the top half of a fantasy league, or large-field leagues which feature a huge amount of teams. Some games are free, others require players to pay an entry fee of a few dollars.

Fantasy sports are considered games of skill and are therefore legal in most States – even those that currently do not allow sports betting. There are a few States that have laws against playing even Fantasy Sports games.


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