How do I close my playMGM online casino account?

Closing an online account at playMGM casino is as easy as opening one. If you have an operating playMGM account and want to shut it, simply email the customer support team and request a closure. You won’t be quizzed on the reasons for shutting it.
Players are sometimes concerned that closing an online casino account might carry fees. In the case of playMGM casino, they don’t charge an admin fee when you want to cancel your account. You can also reopen the account later free of charge.

playMGM may also close your account if it becomes dormant. A dormant period can be two years since the last log-on. Where some online poker and casino rooms will charge an inactivity fee if an account is left with a zero balance, playMGM won’t charge customers. Players with dormant accounts will usually be emailed to notify them if their playMGM accounts are about to be closed.

To comply with current gaming law in New Jersey, playMGM customers can choose to opt in and out of spending limits. The system can check how long you have been playing during any day, week or month. If you have spent more than the “allowed spend” on your account, you will be blocked from sitting down at a slot or table game.

If you are in the middle of a hand or spin, you can finish your game, then you will be prevented from continuing your session. Games become automatically blocked until your new opt-in period begins. This helps players to practise sensible, responsible gambling online.
The casino client at playMGM works in a web browser, and there is no need to download any software. Therefore, when you close your account, you won’t have to delete any apps or software from your desktop. You can choose to clear your browsing history if you don’t want to access the site again. Once your account is closed, you also won’t be sent marketing material or promotions by playMGM.


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