How do I bet on NBA and win? Any good strategies?

Betting on the National Basketball Association profitably is a balance of art and skill. A dogged determination of information gathering is often the most important factor in wagering to win.

Information regarding personnel, injuries, rotations, statistical averages, win-loss records (both home and away, as favorite/underdog), point-spread records (both home and away, as favorite/underdog), OVER/UNDER records (both home and away), series history (at both locales), situational trends (both home and away, as favorite/underdog), line movement, and personal observation bias are the major factors in trying to formulate a winning NBA wager.

Still, after sifting through all this information and time invested in watching or tracking NBA game information, a bettor on average would only need to produce a winning percentage above a hypothetical win-percentage rate of 52.8 percent before being adjusted for any wager other than even money bets.

The advantage that the sports bettor has is the high volume of products offered by most sportsbooks that allow for serious gamblers to focus on specific variations which could increase their profitability.

Other profitable NBA bettors may also consider hedging or middling opportunities that may arise at halftime or during live in-play wagering.

Setting up “middle” opportunities allow for bettors to realize expectations of close to 200 percent while often risking close to just five percent of a combined stake.

A gambler may have a bet on the Warriors-Bucks game to go OVER 227 and the teams combined for 125 points in the first half. When the sportsbook offers the second half total at 116, the gambler will bet on the UNDER in the second half, allowing for a double win should the final combined total fall between 228-240, with the slight possibility of a one-win, one-tie scenario, as well, with the worst outcome resulting in a split of a bet, losing just half of the paid vigorish (juice).

While lowering the margin of profitability in the short-term, professional bettors will often consider this a long-term EV play due to the high possibility of the result expectancy falling right in the “middle.”

The stake can also be increased or decreased in comparison to the original stake.


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