How are the odds read when betting on Nascar?

When reading odds on NASCAR it is posted like many other sports with the exception of not having a traditional a spread. There are odds posted for betting on the race winner which has a different format than the odds of head to head driver matchups. Here is an example of odds you might see when considering betting on a driver to win a race.

Kyle Busch (3-1): A wager of $1 dollar would net a profit of $3 dollars, plus the $1 dollar originally wagered would be returned to the bettor.

Brad Keselowski (9-2): This would pay 4.5-1. Anytime there is a (2) in the odds, you simply divide the larger number by 2, and that will give you the winning ratio to the amount wagered. A wager of $1 dollar would win $4.50 and return the wagered $1 dollar.

Aric Almirola (18-1): This would pay off at 18 times the amount wagered, plus the return of the original wager. $1 dollar wager wins $18 dollars and the wagered $1 dollar is returned.

When evaluating head to head driver matchup wagers or group wagers the odds are likely to be written as below.

Head to head driver matchup odds format – The driver who finishes higher (better) wins the matchup wager.
Joey Logano (-120): vs Clint Bowyer (ev):

If betting on Joey Logano (-120) who is the favorite to win the matchup, you would need to lay (put down) $1.20 to win $1. The collection at the window would be $2.20. This .20 cents difference between the drivers is the juice or the spread on the favorite driver to win the matchup.

A wager on Clint Bowyer (ev) would win exactly what is bet, plus the return of original wager. So betting $1 dollar on Clint Bowyer you would collect a total of $2 dollars if he wins. Being the underdog in this matchup, Bowyer pays even money if he wins the matchup.

Group Wagering: Due to the larger number of competitors in a group wager, these odds may look a little different than what is seen in head to head driver matchups. They are the same format, but the numbers are just a little larger in general.

Group C (Pick the highest finisher of the group)
Austin Dillon (+150): $1 dollar bet would win $1.50, total return of $2.50
Daniel Suarez (+225) $1 dollar bet would win $2.25, total return of $3.25
Ryan Newman (+275) $1 dollar bet would win $2.75, total return of $3.75
Alex Bowman (+325) $1 dollar bet would win $3.25, total return of $4.25


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