Do you need a promo code for Governor of Poker 3 Bonus?

No, at the moment there is no coupon code required to redeem any promotional deals. The Governor of Poker 2/3 is a bit different than most of the other online poker sites/apps available in the United States. In this fun and exciting online free game (available via mobile apps on Andoird, iPhone and Steam), you are a poker player from San Saba that must compete in rounds of Texas Hold Em poker. As you defeat other would-be poker masters, you unlock prizes and work to become the new Governor of Poker.

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The Governor of Poker site offers several poker mobile apps:


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What is a dead man’s hand in poker?

The so-called “Dead Man’s Hand” in poker originally comes from the old game of draw poker where the famous wild west outlaw Wild Bill Hickok was said to have been holding a two pair combo of aces and eights in draw poker on the day he was murdered during a poker hand. The Dead Man’s Hand’s definition has been altered slightly over the years, but remains relevant in Texas Hold’em, particularly when a player is holding exactly an ace and an eight on Pala Poker for his or her two card combo, or alternatively if someone holds any two card combo where the board will read two pair, aces and eights.

Where to play online poker in New York? Is it legal?

As of this writing in 2019, there are motions to allow legalized online poker in the state of New York, but currently nothing has hit the table yet. This means that if you are an NY resident and want to play online, you have the options of playing at any number of the offshore sites available to the rest of the USA.