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FreshDeck offers real Vegas style Texas Holdem tournaments that you can play from anywhere. They proudly feature the only random number generator certified by GLI in the online poker world. After creating your poker avatar, you can compete across a large variety of poker games and mini-games that allow you to unlock challenges, create aliases, and design your own “poker face.”

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Fresh Deck Poker Bonus Offers and Promo Code

Every day, the mini-games offer free poker chips, and you can sit in on five- and nine- handed ring game tables. Real money cash prizes and promotions (no promo code is required in 2019/2020) are available for US players at FreshDeck Poker!


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What is angle shooting in poker? How does it work?

Angle shooting in poker is when someone deliberately does something unethical and intentionally deceptive in a live poker game (note: this is not possible online) that gives them an unfair advantage by eliciting a tell on another player. The targeted player is usually someone with less experience, and thus, more susceptible to an angle shoot.