Fanvest Wagering App Referral Code and Bonus Offers

Fanvest Wagering Index Invest is “Stock Market of Sports”. The new app is here to revolutionize betting offerings and remove sportsbooks with their odds systems. Fanvest Index app allows you to trade teams (NFL, for example) like stocks. Yes, you can compete for $1,000 in cash prizes each week with an initial bankroll (courtesy of Fanvest: $FBX 1,000). You may use a referral code to get more fanvest cash (awarded for invited friends).

The 2020 daily fantasy sports app is aimed at the US players who are supposed to invest in stock market of sports: buy low and sell high. Fanvest app is designed for sports fans, fantasy gurus, and bettors alike.

The Fanvest Wagering Index app is now available to all Americans 21+. It is finally live with the free-to-play beta pro Football Challenge. Try it!

Fanvest Wagering Referral Code 

Sign up here, get welcome bonus for referring friends (you get a unique referral code from your friend who is already registered). Use this referral code when signing up to increase your chances to win real cash prizes. 

fanvest app promo code

To be updated… Read more about Fanvest Wagering Exchange, Inc.,its DFS app and bonus offers.

Are you ready to experience the future of fantasy sports?

Posted by Fanvest Wagering Exchange, Inc. on Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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