Does overtime scoring count when betting a NFL game?

Yes it does. Unlike soccer where only regulation scoring counts on most bets, when betting the NFL the final score (whether it goes to overtime or not) is what counts. This could be very important, especially when betting an over/under. Keep another factor in mind as well concerning the NFL and overtime. A recent rule change makes it so both teams could get the ball in overtime. Under the old rule it was strictly sudden death. So for example if the New York Giants and New York Jets went to overtime tied, 21-21, and the Giants got the ball went down field and kicked a field goal the game was over and the Giants won, 24-21. Under the new rule and in the same scenario, if the Giants kicked a field goal for a 24-21 lead, the Jets would get the ball with a chance to tie it again with a field goal, or win it with a touchdown. However, if the Giants got the ball and scored a touchdown for a 27-21 lead, the game is still over. Strange? Yes. But that’s the rule. Also overtime periods have been shortened from 15 minutes (same length as a quarter) to 10 minutes.


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