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How does betting on the Detroit Pistons into the postseason work?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 11, 2019

The Detroit Pistons have been a hard-trying team that has really done well later in the season.

They have been some big moneymakers in a few key roles.

When playing with two or three days rest, the Pistons are a very good cover.

When favored, the Pistons have been a pretty good cover, as well, whether at home or on the road.

When Detroit is on a back-to-back, it actually can be trusted more often than not, but usually because they are getting plenty of points.

Against Western Conference teams, the Pistons have done a good job covering the number, and also against teams outside of their division.

And when coming off a win, Detroit comes back strong usually to cover the next time out, as well.

At home, the Pistons cover more often than not.

We might look to go against the Pistons, however, when they have exacly one day off, where they haven’t fared to well against the spread.

Also, as an underdog, the Pistons have fallen short of making money for their backers.

When the Pistons have more than one day off, they have been a very strong OVER play.

The Pistons also have a tendency to go OVER when playing teams in their own division. Also when playing the Eastern Conference, they go OVER more often than not.

When an underdog at home, Detroit has been a pretty good OVER play. In general, when playing at home, it seems Detroit leans OVER.

And when coming off a win, the Pistons lean to the OVER next time out, as well.

But we can look to go UNDER in Detroit games, particularly when they are a road underdog. Still, as a road favorite, Detroit goes OVER, as well.

When facing the Western Conference, the Pistons also are a pretty strong UNDER, or when playing outside of their division, as well.

In general, Detroit’s road games go UNDER more often than not.

When coming off a loss, interestingly, the Pistons go the other way and play to the UNDER more frequently.

Fittingly, when the Pistons are an underdog, those games have more of a tendency to go UNDER.

You can bet legally on the Detroit Pistons at sportsbooks in the United States in several states, including New Jersey, Nevada, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Mississippi.