Experts, share Cleveland Cavaliers betting lines and predictions

The Cleveland Cavaliers haven’t been the same since LeBron James left for Los Angeles.

The Cavs and ownership have seen a downward spiral that have made them a terrible straight-up bet.

Bettors may be able to continue to capitalize on the Cavs woes as they have for quite awhile now.

When the Cavaliers have played teams from the Western Conference, they have been very bad against the spread. When playing within their division, they haven’t been much better.

Cleveland also struggles to cover the spread with one day off.

When coming off a win, the Cavs don’t follow up with a very good effort, more often failing to cover the number.

As the underdog, more often than not, the Cavaliers don’t cover.

We can look for a few roles, however, where we need to be on the other side because their are some opportunties to back Cleveland.

When on the second of a back-to-back, the Cleveland Cavaliers are quite profitable. This is usually because they are receiving a bushel full of points.

Also, then favored, the Cavs can be trusted to cover more often than not, of late.

One spot where bettors have made money betting on Cleveland games recently is when the Cavaliers are favored. Those games tend to be a strong OVER play.

The Cavs also have been a strong OVER play when playing with exactly one day off.

At home, the Cavaliers also tend to go OVER.

When coming off a loss, the Cavs have had a tendency to go OVER.

And when playing against teams outside of its division, Cleveland goes OVER there too, more often than not.

The time to play Cleveland games to go UNDER have been went they are on the second of a back-to-back. That has been a solid UNDER.

Also, when coming off a win, Cleveland games tend to go UNDER.

Cleveland road games also have a slight tendency to go UNDER.

You can bet legally on the Cleveland Cavaliers at sportsbooks in the United States in several states, including New Jersey, Nevada, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Mississippi.


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