Boxing Great David Haye Attempts Poker Transition in New Amazon Prime Documentary

Former boxing world heavyweight champion David Haye will be the focus of a new Amazon Prime documentary charting his transition into the gambling industry as he attempts a career in poker.

Haye, 39, will be the main subject of David vs Goliath, which charts his attempt to triumph at the Grosvenor Casinos Goliath 2019, widely regarded as the biggest live poker tournament outside Las Vegas, Nevada.

The ex-two-weight champion spoke to the Press Association (via Evening Standard) prior to the release of David vs Goliath about the difficult of transitioning to the poker circuit:

“They said to me, if they gave me a year of training with the best poker players in the world, the best coaches in the world, how well do I believe I could do?

“With my confidence in my own abilities, I thought I'd win it easily. Genuinely. I thought if I was doing it for a year, figuring it all out, understanding it, as long as I've got the best teachers I'd win it.

“But it soon became apparent poker is not something you can pick up in five minutes.”

Haye is far from the first professional athlete to make a move into the professional gambling scene. Tennis legend Boris Becker, Barcelona defender Gerard Pique and soccer icon Ronaldo have each taken an interest in the card game at a high standard.

Fellow ex-British pro Audley Harrison helped ease Haye into the sport and helped him finish 28th out of 500 at the Asia Poker Tour event in Manila before he ended up 40th in the Goliath.


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