Betting on Miami Dolphins, where to find best odds and picks?

What to Know: The Dolphins, after a 7-9 season, fired head coach Adam Gase and replaced him with former Patriots assistant coach Brian Flores, a first-time head coach. Gase wasn’t the problem. The Dolphins front office has not produced enough good players, especially at the key quarterback position.

Best Players: The team signed free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who will turn 37 during the season, after it traded last year’s starter and the often injured Ryan Tannehill to the Tennessee Titans. Fitzpatrick played for Tampa Bay last year and showed he can still throw the ball. But he really isn’t a good investment over a 16-game schedule.The two best players are probably wide receivers Kenny Stills and DeVante Parker.

How to Bet: Against them. Miami is not a good team and there is not a lot of promise to get better unless some earth-shattering moves happen before the start of the season. Bet the opposition unless the line gets out of hand. The under in the over/under is usually a good bet there as well with a new defensive-minded head coach in charge.


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