Who wins US Election 2020: Biggest Bets PRO/AGAINST Breakdown

US Election Betting Biggest Bets 2020
The 2020 United States presidential primaries are giving voters a sense of which candidates have the best chance of challenging for the White House later this year, with both Democratic and Republican races already taking shape across the nation. American Gambler has analysed primary election results and compared them with the biggest bets placed by the public thus far, both for and against each candidate.

Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden Battle it Out in US Presidential Run with Surprising New Twists in Voting Predictions for Democratic Party Betting

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This past week in US politics the Republican campaign lost some footing in the potential re-election of President Donald Trump. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced she is stepping down from the Trump administration at the end of the month in a shocking twist after it had been over 90 days since she last daily press briefing.